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Rural Keystone is a program conducted by NNEEC that gathers data about the Almaguin communities

The program is centred around NNEEC's three pillars: environmental sustainability, economic security, and social diversity


Rural Keystone will allow us to identify local priorities and target the issues more prevalent to rural living

2022 Target Keystones

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Gathering information about who is living in each community and how their demographics impact their feelings around the various topics presented in the Survey

We want to hear your opinion

Take 5 minutes to impact your future


Complete the survey for a chance to win a $100 gift card

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Rural Keystone: Almaguin Edition
2022 Report

Releasing in fall 2022

Get ready for the release of the 2022 Rural Keystone report in Fall 2022!

Complete the survey to have your voice heard and to be sent the final report where you can hear the many voices of the Almaguin community

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