What is the Near North   Enviro-Education Centre?

The Near North Enviro-Education Centre is a catalyst for businesses, government agencies, universities, schools, students and individuals to find and generate leaders aligned with three pillars essential to the viability of our rural communities.


  • environmental sustainability

  • economic security

  • social diversity


Our mission is to help empower rural communities to become models for sustainable living by providing access to education, information and hands-on learning opportunities focused on these pillars.

Our Values:


  • Innovation

  • Engagement 

  • Respect 

  • Accountability 

Warming, climate volatility, water quality risks, extreme weather events and environmental change disproportionally affect the economies and cultures of rural areas. Learn more...

When you donate to the Near North Enviro-Education Centre, you become involved in the support of vibrant, sustainable rural communities.

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140 Main Street, P.O. Box 825 Sundridge, Ontario, Canada. P0A 1Z0