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The Northern Innovation Symposium, hosted each fall at the Near North Enviro-Education Centre, brings together Scholars, Scientists, Political Leaders, and Citizens to discuss issues facing rural communities in Canada.


In 2017 it featured six thought leaders from indigenous and non-indigenous communities to share their perspectives and knowledge in the areas included in the three pillars of NNEEC: Rural Environmental and Economic Sustainability, and the Enhancement of Social Diversity. 

The 2019 Symposium focused on Climate Change and its impact on rural communities.


NNEEC has joined the efforts of the international community in a climate change forest study using Smithsonian protocol, following the recommendation of the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity. 

A one-hectare area has been divided into 25 quadrats; this will be the location of the targeted study.  We join dozens of other organizations in providing scientific data to researchers who are trying to determine the effect of climate change on the forests and investigate ways of mitigating the negative impacts.  Each year NNEEC will gather data through compiling data on various aspects of the tree such as girth, height, health, and more. 


NNEEC's Community Adventure Program launched in the summer of 2017,  is providing opportunities for employment, and educating young leaders, while providing an active, educational, and fun day program for children ages seven to fourteen.  

The program is a pilot project in developing new economic and employment opportunities within rural communities. More Info

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Phragmites Working Group

NNEEC has partnered with a local community group in the fight against this invasive species on Lake Bernard. More Info

Collaboration with our Indigenous Neighbours​

NNEEC is committed to the principles of Reconciliation and is exploring opportunities for partnerships. More Info



Rural communities face unique challenges, NNEEC is committed to working with academics and others on finding solutions

Rural Canada Model and Partnership Projects 


NNEEC is exploring opportunities with industry, educational institutions, and the government to become an incubator for ideas and a testing ground for potential solutions.

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