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The NEAR NORTH ENVIRO EDUCATION CENTRE has partnered with the Phragmites Working Group: Lake Bernard who has taken the lead in the quest to eradicate Lake Bernard of Phragmites.  The Goal has been set to rid the lake of this invasive species by 2033.

2024 Phrag Fighting Season Information

Cutting events will be scheduled twice weekly, Tuesdays and Friday mornings, throughout the summer and into September. We are assisting with management of Japanese knotweed on some sites as well.


The team from the Invasive Phragmites Control Centre (IPCC) will be on site in late July or early August 2024 at one of our events. 


Volunteers will be needed for all events:  There is a job for anyone wishing to help.

See below the 2023 season end report. Thank you to all who helped in any way to restore the health of our lake and wetlands and protect our shoreline and aquatic animals and native plants.

If you are interested in joining the Phrag Fighters please contact Marilee - Marilee Koenderink <>

The Phragmites Working Group provides all the equipment required to assist in the effort - all you need is a great attitude and energy!

Phragmites now pose a threat to Lake Bernard. The purpose of this project is to organize a collaborative response with an expert plan for the removal of Phragmites from Lake Bernard.

*See for more information on Phragmites

Phragmites are considered to be a threat to many wetlands including Lake Bernard for many reasons 

  • Decreased plant biodiversity

  • Poor habitats and food supplies for wildlife including species at risk

  • Lowered water levels resulting in drying of wetlands 

  • Loss of hydrological functions such as water retention and filtering

  • High proportion of dead stems that slow the release of nutrients back into the ecosystem

  • Negative affects agriculture, lower property values, and impact recreational activities such as swimming and boating


The NEAR NORTH ENVIRO EDUCATION CENTRE provides support and pledges to assist with the work plan including assistance with submissions of applications for funding. The Phragmites working group developed a work plan and summarizes learning from cutting events. 

Looking to Get Involved?

Have you assessed your property for the presence of invasive Phragmites ?

Having difficulty deciding if it is Phragmites?

Do you require help removing it from your property?

Have you helped or would you be willing to help your neighbor remove Phragmites from their property?

If you would like more information or to be added to the Phragmites Fighters Lake Bernard email list for updates regarding education events or to volunteer, please email:

Information and Resources

To download the full report, Recomendations for Invasive Phragmites Management on Lake Bernard, by Invasive Pragmites Control Centre, click below.

Tips for spading and cutting invasive Phragmites, from Ontario Phragmites Working Group.

Phragmites Working Group Lake Bernard  End of Seasons Summary

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