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About Us

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The Near North Enviro-Education Centre is a catalyst for businesses, government agencies, universities, schools, students and individuals to find and generate leaders aligned with three pillars essential to the viability of our rural communities. 


  • environmental sustainability 

  • economic security

  • social diversity


Our mission is to help empower rural communities to become models for sustainable living by providing access to education, information and hands-on learning opportunities focused on these pillars. 


NNEEC’s philosophy is rooted in an approach which recognizes the need to develop synergies between the concerns of small communities where we work, live and play, and the broader focus of institutions, corporations and government in our shared responsibility to live sustainably in the 21st century. 

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The Centre is designed and built using state of the art green technology, including the building envelope, solar power, geo-thermal heating and cooling, composting toilets and a demonstration green roof. Located on the shore of beautiful Lake Bernard, in Sundridge, ON, our conference and learning facilities utilize audio visual and wireless connectivity, to effectively reach any audience.



  • a hub for year-round leadership education and research on topics, including sustainability, stewardship, renewable energy, building construction, agriculture and health

  • a partner for universities, colleges and other academic institutions

  • a community network and think tank for building and promoting leadership in matters related to environmental sustainability, economic security and social diversity

  • a resource for companies, government agencies, trade associations, faculty, researchers, students and the public

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