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Concept:  The Northern Innovation Symposium  in 2019 explored climate change in relation to rural communities.  Rural communities are in a particularly vulnerable position with the economic reality of being highly dependent on natural resources, many of which will be impacted by climate change.  Opportunities, and the obstacles responding to the challenges that are unique to rural Canada were investigated.

The two-day Symposium, happened on September 27 and 28, 2019 and featured thought leaders from academic, governmental and private business. They shared their perspectives and knowledge in the areas of climate change in:

  1. Infrastructure

  2. Water Supply

  3. Economic Security

  4. Human Health

  5. Energy

  6. Ecosystems and Biodiversity

The Symposium featured eight sessions, four sessions on September 27, and four sessions on September 28.  Each session included a presentation from thought leaders.  Following the presentation a round table discussion with presenters and symposium attendees occured.   The symposium is a model of how rural communities may examine the opportunities and challenges that exist in their areas.

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For more information on thought leaders and topic, click on session of interest
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