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Session 1 - 7:00pm

Leadership in Environmental Health

Julie Cayley, Executive Director, Severn Sound Environmental Association


Currently leading the way as the Executive Director of the Severn Sound Environmental Association, Julie is no stranger to leadership.  Her roles at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, and then Ducks Unlimited Canada have taught her what it means to be a leader in the Environmental field and how to get things done.


Julie intends to talk some of her experience as a leader in the environmental sector. She will share various steps she takes in approaching a challenge and how she assesses success.


Session 2 - 8:30pm

Food System - The Food Continuum

Dr. Will Valley, PhD, The University of British Columbia


Dr. Will Valley is a senior instructor in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems and the academic director of the core curricula in the faculty, the Land, Food, and Community Series. His research focuses on sustainable food system education, K-12 food systems, food literacy development, urban agriculture, and community-engaged scholarship.


Dr. Valley is going to take a food justice approach speaking about the opportunities and challenges of community engagement for addressing issues related to healthy, just, and sustainable food systems.

Nov. 5 Ticket Symposium

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