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Session 1 - 10:00am

Jack Goodman, Camp New Moon


Jack Goodman, Owner and Director of Camp New Moon, will lead off the panel of speakers discussing his work with the Ontario Camps Association (OCA) overseeing the guidance of dealing with COVID-19. Jack is the chair of the OCA COVID-19 Task Force, which has three sub-committees to address the issues for the days ahead.


Session 2 - 10:15am

Marika Chandler, Outward Bound Canada


Marika Chandler, Ontario Program Director at Outward Bound Canada, will speak about what the outdoors offers to us to support peoples’ mental health. She will also discuss the goal of being able to offer camp experiences to people from every socio-economic level, which is indeed the basis of the OCA and all the provincial camps associations.


Session 3 - 10:30am

Mike Sladden, Camp Pathfinder


Mike Sladden, Co-Owner and Director of Camp Pathfinder, will speak of programming experiences he has at Pathfinder that connect communities together and to their environment. He will discuss his experience fostering an environment for Indigenous campers, both in camp and on canoe trips with non-indigenous campers.


Session 4 - 10:45am

Jocelyn Palm, Glen Bernard Camp


Jocelyn Palm, Owner and Executive Director of Glen Bernard Camp, will talk about environmental updates within the camp base location. She will also discuss the benefits of adding environmental health knowledge to a camp program.

Nov. 14 Ticket Symposium

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