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Friday October 23

COVID - Impact From Every Angle
Dr. Courtney Howard - M.D., President, CAPE

Dr. Howard's work is focused on planetary health, driven by a pursuit of a healthier future for humanity and the natural systems on which it depends. COVID-19 is a wake-up call to the world about the importance of this work. Dr. Howard has been clear with the message – the coronavirus is a planetary health emergency, it started at the intersection between humans and the rest of the natural world.

Dr. Howard is going to discuss the impact human actions have had on the environment and the implications for health. The focal point of the session will be on the coronavirus and its link to planetary health.

Water - A Threatened Resource
Carolyn Dubois - Director, Water Program, The Gordon Foundation

Carolyn’s work focuses on improving freshwater stewardship through community engagement in decision-making and the use of the best available evidence.  She works with partners across Canada’s North collecting water quality data. 

Carolyn is going to speak about the threats facing our freshwater systems and discuss the opportunities citizen science provides for mitigating these issues. In doing so, Carolyn will share her experience with what she has witnessed in her work with freshwater systems across Canada.


Thursday October 29, 2020


Session 1 - 7:00pm

One Health – The Interconnected Health of all Living Things

Dr. Jane Parmley, D.V.M. PhD., Ontario Veterinary College

Dr. Parmley’s research strives to consider the complex nature of health while at the same time working to develop and deliver practical actions to improve health and wellbeing for humans, animals and the environments that support us all. Dr. Parmley is going to talk about the health challenges that arise from the interconnected nature of our health, including antimicrobial resistance and zoonotic diseases. She will also discuss her work in understanding how this relationship can be used to predict threats and protect populations.


Session 2 - 8:00pm

Environmental Health – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Dr. Riina Bray, PhD. M.D., Medical Director of the Environmental Health Clinic, Women’s College Hospital

Dr. Riina Bray’s work with the Environmental Health clinic helps those who suffer from chronic complex conditions related to environmental exposures. Dr. Bray is going to educate on the challenges some people face as a result of sensitivities to things in their environment. She will speak about how people can use this knowledge to develop an understanding of their own environmental health and protect themselves from adverse reactions.


Session 3 - 9:00pm
EMF - For Many it's a Shock
Anthony Miller - M.D., Professor Emeritus, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

Dr. Anthony Miller has a storied career in medicine and public health. He has served some of the world’s most prestigious health organisations, lending his expertise on an array of topics including epidemiology and cancer. Dr. Miller is going to share his expertise as it relates to the effects of wireless radiation exposure on human health. 

This session will educate and raise awareness of the health effects of wireless technology. Dr. Miller will explore ways this equipment can be used in a safer manner and what individuals can do to protect themselves from negative effects.


Thursday November 5, 2020


Session 1 - 7:00pm

Leadership in Environmental Health

Julie Cayley, Executive Director, Severn Sound Environmental Association

Currently leading the way as the Executive Director of the Severn Sound Environmental Association, Julie is no stranger to leadership.  Her roles at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, and then Ducks Unlimited Canada have taught her what it means to be a leader in the Environmental field and how to get things done. Julie intends to talk some of her experience as a leader in the environmental sector. She will share various steps she takes in approaching a challenge and how she assesses success.


Session 2 - 8:30pm

Food System - The Food Continuum

Dr. Will Valley, PhD, The University of British Columbia

Dr. Will Valley is a senior instructor in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems and the academic director of the core curricula in the faculty, the Land, Food, and Community Series. His research focuses on sustainable food system education, K-12 food systems, food literacy development, urban agriculture, and community-engaged scholarship. Dr. Valley is going to take a food justice approach speaking about the opportunities and challenges of community engagement for addressing issues related to healthy, just, and sustainable food systems.


Thursday November 12, 2020


Session 1 - 1:00pm

Youth Environmental Health


Session 2 - 2:00pm

Climate Change – Learn it, or Lose it, Challenging to Conquer

Dr. Anne Todgham, PhD., University of California, Davis

Dr. Anne Todgham’s current work has an eye towards global climate change. Her research strives to determine whether animals have the physiological flexibility necessary to buffer the unprecedented rates of change of multiple environmental variables. Dr. Todgham is going to speak about the threat of climate change on the health of our global ecosystems. She will explore her experiences and work understanding how species are adapting to their changing environments.


Saturday November 14, 2020


Session 1 - 10:00am

Jack Goodman, Camp New Moon

Jack Goodman, Owner and Director of Camp New Moon, will lead off the panel of speakers discussing his work with the Ontario Camps Association (OCA) overseeing the guidance of dealing with COVID-19. Jack is the chair of the OCA COVID-19 Task Force, which has three sub-committees to address the issues for the days ahead.


Session 2 - 10:15am

Marika Chandler, Outward Bound Canada

Marika Chandler, Ontario Program Director at Outward Bound Canada, will speak about what the outdoors offers to us to support peoples’ mental health. She will also discuss the goal of being able to offer camp experiences to people from every socio-economic level, which is indeed the basis of the OCA and all the provincial camps associations.


Session 3 - 10:30am

Mike Sladden, Camp Pathfinder

Mike Sladden, Co-Owner and Director of Camp Pathfinder, will speak of programming experiences he has at Pathfinder that connect communities together and to their environment. He will discuss his experience fostering an environment for Indigenous campers, both in camp and on canoe trips with non-indigenous campers.


Session 4 - 10:45am

Jocelyn Palm, Glen Bernard Camp

Jocelyn Palm, Owner and Executive Director of Glen Bernard Camp, will talk about environmental updates within the camp base location. She will also discuss the benefits of adding environmental health knowledge to a camp program.


  • The link for you to use to enter the symposium will be emailed 24 hours prior to the beginning of the event.

    Thank-you for your interest in the Symposium!

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