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Meditation for Wellness


Honoring life and our connection to the natural environment through meditation


 Course description: This is an 8 Class Beginner's Program offered by Pamela Tremblay. She will be guiding participants in learning how to meditate using an Effortless Meditation method.

When we take time to meditate we learn about the Natural World around us and our relationship with it. Why?  Because when we are ‘still’ we 'let-be' the busy mind, de-stress and de-compress; we resonate with Nature (our great Earth).  Our physiological, spiritual and mental states re-balance and become more calm and aware. 


Dates and Time: 

March 15 and 22

April 12 and 26

May 10 and 24

June 14 and 28


6 pm – 7 pm

Series of 8 classes $96 

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