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Heather Auld

Principal Climate Scientist, Risk Sciences International; meteorologist, climatologist

Heather Auld joined Risk Sciences International as Principal Climate Scientist in January 2012. She has more than 30 years experience with Environment Canada and Department of National Defense in management, Government of Canada processes, weather forecasting and operations, climate science, climate change adaptation, training, and stakeholder consultations.


Heather has recognized national and international expertise in climate change impacts and adaptation, engineering climatology for national codes and standards, energy-climate research, extreme event and forensic analyses, disaster risk reduction planning, and science-policy linkages. She also has experience in Government of Canada protocols and programming (including drafting of Memorandum to Cabinet and Treasury Board submissions).

Heather is a recipient of several Environment Canada Awards for leadership and innovation in building new and improved programs, and is author of many peer-reviewed publications and international reports on climate change scenarios, adaptation to extremes, engineering climatology, extreme weather, energy, and disaster risk reduction.